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We’ll email/whatsapp you a fillable digital contract when you’re ready to book. After signing, you’ll get an invoice that you may pay with a digital check or credit/debit card. Whenever possible, we’ve tried to simplify things for you.

This is debatable. Many variables are taken into consideration in order to provide you with an accurate price. Inquire more by contacting us. One thing we can guarantee is that you will learn the hard way: you get what you pay for. Promise!

A £300 non-refundable deposit is required. This discount will be applied to the final cost of the party.

No! You’ve made your first payment toward your account balance.

Yes. We will send you an electronic contract through email/whatsapp.

It is possible to pay at any moment before the party starts.

The balance is payable two days before the event. For both of our sakes, this eliminates the need to collect money on the big day, and it frees you from any financial obligations so that you may relax and enjoy yourself.

When the payment is verified, the date will be reserved only for you.

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